Kosmos DPI

KOSMOS DPI Solution is a multipurpose platform capable of processing all traffic on IP network and performing monitoring, analysis, separation, marking and filtering tasks based on the current needs of the Telco.

How it works

dpi platform

The solution constitutes of software and hardware systems placed on the network of telecom operator, providing possibility to process, analyze and manage all types of traffic flowing through the network in real time mode.

The solution allows to flexibly configure policies for

  • control and selective limitation
  • detection of certain traffic/behavior/triggers
  • regulating the distribution of certain materials or content

The platform is customizable and is capable of performing various tasks of traffic analysis, processing and filtering.

Our DPI Platform allows to


Using the Kosmos platform with the AdBlock module enabled, the Operator can manage and block ads, streaming through the Kosmos platform
Thus, the Operator can offer new Value Added Service for users and control advertising traffic, reaching the Subscriber.
New revenue from Adblock subscriptions
Additionally Kosmos platform brings decrease in churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Use Cases

And more:

  • Parental Control;
  • Network antivirus;
  • AntiSPAM VAS for subscribers;
  • Cache and cookies/tokens management;
  • Fair Usage Policy;
  • Network Analytics;
  • Header enrichment TCP Option;
  • Online reporting system;
  • Limitation of performance for selected resources;
  • Goal oriented customization;
  • DOS/DDOS protection;


Mikhail Berlizev
CEO, partner
Josiah Otieno-Atieno
Partner, Business development Director
Illya Zlotnyk
Partner, Operations Director